We know that buying travel insurance is a pretty boring affair. And that's why we've made it as fast and as easy as possible for you to get covered.

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What makes us different

We take care of your travel needs from A-Z!

Global Itinerary's

Europe, America, Asia, The East you choose your destination and we will take care of the rest to ensure your smooth global travel.

Car Rental

Have your car rental booked along with your itinerary, you will you be guranteed best price and various free upgrades to your favorite car. What more would you need for a perfect trip?!

Premium Hotels

Stay in the most premium hotels around the world for prices yet to beat. Get up to 60% off normal advertised hotel prices.

Air Miles and Credit Card Points

People earn and generate air-miles when they shop, travel and pay their bills. We take advantage of the awards these miles schemes offer and use it to maximize your travel experience, ensuring that you get the very most travel for your money!

page1-img1“Having your tickets booked with air-miles takes significant skill and shouldn't be entrusted to just anyone. By having an experinced team like the one at Elite Miles Travel book your travel for you, you can rest assure that you will arrive to your destination in absolute effortless comfort!”


Top destinations

Choose one of the most popular destination that we provide amazing service and discount on a daily basis

Group Bookings Our Specialty

There are travel agents and then there are travel agents that can handle groups. It takes professionalism and skill to ensure an entire groups smooth travels across the globe. Here at Elite Miles we love groups.

Service with Love and Care

Here at Elite Miles We don't sell, We serve! we are here to ensure your peace of heart not only pre-booking, we travel along with you on your journey and are there whenever you will need us - Ready to Serve!

Green Itinerary's

Reduce your carbon footprint and help make the planet greener by flying direct for cheaper. Travelers often fly with multiple stopovers to their destination in order to keep their itinerary in budget but with us we will help you fly direct for less.

Excess baggage- No Excess headache!

Our clients don't need to worry about current and future strict airline regulations. By flying First or Business you don't pay for your excess baggage.

Travel services you can trust

4 Reasons to choose us

24 Hour Service

The level of support and service you will receive from Elite Miles is unmatched in the entire industry, your phone call will always be answered, your problem is always our problem!

Travel More

With Elite Miles we introduce you to the bliss of travel making you travel more, easier, faster and better!

Car Rental Packages

Get a car rental included in your travel package and get it for a great deal too! Elite Miles has exclusive discounts from leading car rental agencies globally available to Elite Miles clients exclusively.

Attractive Discounts

Pay up to 50% less for your flights, hotel and car rentals. With Elite Miles you are always ensured the very lowest price and we will beat any competitive rate.

You choose your dream travel and let us do the rest

Expensive travel can often cause travelers to have a mixed feeling between luxury and expense. Choose between the world leading airlines, hotels and travel service providers. Our team of experts will help you to travel your dream without spilling your dream.